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Apple to Blame for Insanely High iPhone 5 Repair Costs

by Jacob Kleinman | May 23, 2013May 23, 2013 11:30 am PST

iphone 5 repair

According to a new report from Market Watch, Apple has purposefully kept tight control over iPhone 5 parts to keep repair costs sky high and ensure that no independent gadget repair companies can compete with its own prices.

AJ Forsythe, founder of Apple repair service iCracked, explains that even though the iPhone 5 is easier to fix than its predecessor and only takes five to ten minutes, his company is forced to charge twice as much to repair Apple’s newest smartphone (almost $200 as compared to under $100 for the 4S). However, he predicts that with Apple selling 300,000 new handsets per day the price will eventually decrease.

For now, however, Apple has a death-grip on iPhone 5 parts, which allows it to charge as much as $229 for a broken screen and remain competitive while also pressuring consumers to buy into AppleCare insurance.

“Apple controls everything from the manufacturing to the gear for the iPhone 5,” editor Jeff Haynes told Market Watch. “Apple is trying to get people to sign up for Apple Care for $99 and to rely on their services at the Apple store. If you don’t, that cracked screen could cost you at least $230.”

Thankfully, if you look hard enough, there are repair shops that can fix an iPhone for a bit cheaper. Still, clearly there’s a problem.

Market Watch Flickr/MSVG

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