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Skullgirls Soon to Be Playable in Japanese Arcades

by Ron Duwell | May 22, 2013May 22, 2013 9:30 pm PST


The Japanese fighting game scene is a very VERY exclusive club. Walk into any arcade in Japan, and more than likely you will only find fighting games that originate from within its own borders. Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, BlazBlue, and a handful of other unknown gems like Melty Blood.

You’ll rarely find a Mortal Kombat arcade deck within a thousand miles of a Japanese arcade because Western developed fighting games are just straight up not popular in these parts.

Until now, at least. Reverge Labs’ Skullgirls has popped up in a magazine saying that it will be distributed throughout the country on arcade decks.

Granted, the series is based off of Japanese fighters and doesn’t play into many Western fighting game conventions, and it provides an ample amount of fan-service,but it is still a huge feat for any fighting game to accomplish, let alone an indie title.


Studio head Peter “Ravidrath” Bartholow confirmed the news and seems absolutely ecstatic.

“We are stupidly excited for this, just because I can’t think of a single other non-Japanese dev that can say they have a game out in Japanese arcades.”

If this news doesn’t secure Skullgirls as one of the most exciting indie game success stories of the last few years, then I don’t know what does.

If you haven’t played Skullgirls yet, give it a try. You can download the game cheaply through Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and on PCs as well. The game recently added to its character roster thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $800,000.

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