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Spotify Introduces Spotify 50 and Social 50 Streaming Charts

by Brandon Russell | May 21, 2013May 21, 2013 9:30 pm PST


To improve your listening experience and foster better discovery, Spotify is rolling out new Spotify 50 and Social 50 charts, essentially a Hot 100-style breakdown of the most popular songs across the service’s entire streaming music library. Not only that, but the lists can be embedded on any website so folks can listen in without even registering for the service.

The move itself, according to the WSJ, is to help broaden Spotify’s reach, which currently hovers around the 24 million active member mark. In addition to being able to embed the two new charts, Spotify is allowing users to review past charts—every playlist automatically gets update on Monday.

Spotify said the service has amassed gobs of data about its users, and the new charts are the result. Similar features are expected to be added in the future, though it’s unclear what those features might be. According to the WSJ, Spotify intends on releasing play-count data to allow artists to better track how their music is performing. A web-based player is planned, too.

Streaming services have become a profitable business model for an industry that has struggled to battle piracy, and Spotify’s service is becoming more popular by the day. By providing more value through the new charts, and making its service more accessible in the process, that 24 million active mark could balloon even with competition like Google’s new All Access Music on the market.


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