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What Does Sony’s PlayStation 4 Teaser Reveal About the Hardware?

by Brandon Russell | May 20, 2013May 20, 2013 12:00 pm PST

One day before Microsoft’s Xbox announcement and Sony has to get all cheeky by releasing a PlayStation 4 teaser. And the video shows actual hardware, sorta. We’ll get the full picture during E3, according to the teaser, which is only a few weeks away now.

One of the bigger disappointments of Sony’s PS4 unveil in February was a lack of actual hardware—and no, a controller isn’t enough. Monday’s teaser is neat in that Sony shows off much more than it did a few months ago. But it’s also infuriating because we only get vague glimpses of the supposed PS4 hardware. We’re basically no better off than we were when Sony failed to actually show off what the next-gen console looks like during its event. At least we know a full unveil is coming.

With Microsoft’s event scheduled for tomorrow, Sony had to respond in some capacity. And the company did so by preempting Tuesday’s anticipated announcement. That might successfully rile up the Sony hive, but it’s certainly not going to stop the Microsoft hype machine. Tomorrow’s going to be big for the gaming industry, and no amount of angular closeups and vents is going to stop that.

Brandon Russell

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