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Sony Teases PlayStation 4 Form Factor Reveal

by Joey Davidson | May 20, 2013May 20, 2013 8:16 am PST

It’s a black box, folks. Pack it in, we officially have the biggest news of May.

Only kidding, of course. Sony released a teaser trailer for their full console reveal this morning. Back in February, the PlayStation 4 was announced and discussed in great detail with the world. The only thing missing from the show? The actual console itself.

For some, the box’s absence was a point of insignifigance. For others? The fact that Sony didn’t show the physical console was a major, major problem.

The teaser trailer at the head of this post points towards an E3 unveiling for Sony’s upcoming black box. We’ll be at that presentation live and in person, so expect updates.

As long as it fits under my TV, has all the ports I need and cools the system well, I really don’t care what this thing looks like. How about you?

Sony PlayStation 4 Teaser Gallery:

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