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Woman Suing Apple for $5M Because of Faulty Power Button

by Ron Duwell | May 15, 2013May 15, 2013 8:30 pm PST


The latest lawsuit filed against Apple isn’t coming from one of its competitors or the Chinese government, but rather another disgruntled American customer. A Florida woman has filed a $5M class action lawsuit in San Jose, CA against Apple for the faulty power button in her iPhone 4.

Debra Hilton has chosen to file for class action on behalf of the “hundreds of thousands of visitors” on Apple’s forums who are suffering from “wiggly” power buttons. Her claim is that Apple knew about the defect but covered it up to sell more phones.

She also claims the problem most frequently arises after one year of use and outside of the warranty, forcing owners to cough up the $149.99 for repair.

Does she have a case? Who knows, but it does seem a little late to be complaining about the iPhone 4 3 years too late. At the same time, Apple recently rolled out the checks for “Antennagate,” meaning some lawsuit cases are bound to go all the way.

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