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Newt Gingrich Is Looking To Rename The Cell Phone

by Adriana Lee | May 14, 2013May 14, 2013 9:00 pm PDT

Cell phones are so over, says Newt Gingrich. No, not the devices, the name. ABC News reports that the former Speaker of the House is on a hunt for a new designation to describe these all-purpose devices we eat with, sleep with and even take into the bathroom with us.

His point? We barely use these devices as mobile telephones anymore. So if the actual activity of calling people is not the primary use-case, then why stick with the “phone” moniker at all? When there’s something so universally adopted, that’s this multifunctional, there’s no need to saddle it with a reminder of the previous, outdated incarnation. He says it’s like referring to an automobile as a “horseless carriage.”

In this video called, “We’re Really Puzzled,” he spends nearly three minutes explaining this point of view. “Think about it. If it is taking pictures, it’s not a cell phone. If it has a McDonald’s app to tell you where McDonald’s is based on your GPS location — that’s not a cellphone,” says Gingrich. “This device is something new and different. I have been calling it a handheld computer.”

Okey dokey, Newt. You keep on doing that, then. Personally, I still like “smartphone,” but if that doesn’t cut it, how about Communication Enabler? Digital Thingamabobber? The Mobile Prestidigitator? Let me know if one of these floats your boat…er, Floatation Vessel.


Adriana Lee

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