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Google’s Babel Now Called Hangouts, Launching at I/O

by Brandon Russell | May 11, 2013May 11, 2013 11:00 am PST


Google has allegedly settled on the name “Hangouts” for its unified messaging service expected at next week’s I/O event. According to a source speaking with TechRadar, who even provided a screenshot (above), this will finally tie up Google efforts to consolidate Talk and Google+ Hangout into one cohesive multi-platform project. The chat platform has gone through a few different identity changes since first appearing online, but Hangouts certainly make more sense given the history of Google+—not to mention its a more recognizable name.

Hangouts is certainly one of Google+’s bigger features, and the company will almost certainly align this to build upon the foundation that’s already been set. The service is expected to arrive for iOS, Android and Chrome when it launches, and sync across all three platforms. However, according to a reliable forums member over at The Verge, SMS/MMS sync isn’t there because of Google’s decision to “dogfood” the app.

Google’s I/O event is kicking off on May 15, so we’re not far off from learning more about Hangouts. We’ll be bringing you all the latest from the event, of course, so keep it here for all the latest news. And if you want to keep up with Google’s announcements as they happen, the search giant is streaming all three days.

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