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Five Minutes of Star Wars Recreated in Minecraft

by Ron Duwell | May 10, 2013May 10, 2013 12:01 am PDT

A massive Star Wars fan is out to recreate Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in its entirety using Minecraft. In fact, user ParadiseDecay already has has the first five minutes of the film up and available on YouTube.

Five minutes is a stretch of the truth, as two of those minutes include the introduction and slow text crawl as seen at the beginning of each film. The film is synchronized with the film’s iconic opening with the Imperial attack on Princess Leia’s diplomatic mission to Alderaan.

ParadiseDecay has a great knack for recreating the space battles in Star Wars, as he has already constructed impressive recreations of the Battle of Hoth and Millenium Falcon’s Astroid Chase. However, I think his choreography with the character models and editing during the shootouts could use a little work.

The limited options from Minecraft as a film engine should be fun to get around. This is a work in progress, so expect more to come from ParadiseDecay as his project unfolds.

ParadiseDecay Joystiq

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