Google Has Reportedly Lost Interest in the X Phone

by Brandon Russell | May 9, 2013

Motorola Google Logo

The supposed X Phone is a strangely nebulous project that really only seems to exist on the Internet, and not necessarily something we’ll ever see. Under the guidance of Google, Motorola has been reportedly working day and night on a device, or series of devices, that will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Or maybe not. According to Sun Changxu, a Chinese analyst, Google has allegedly ditched the project for unknown reasons.

According to Changxu, the search giant has abandoned the project and handed all duties over to Motorola Mobility, a company Google purchased last year. That can be taken one of two ways: either Google isn’t happy with the device’s progress, or Google has laid the groundwork and is letting Motorola do its thing to wrap the project up. It seems unlikely Google would put resources into a highly hyped flagship only to toss it mid-production. But the company is so large it’s certainly in the position to do such a thing.

The more likely scenario is that Google is just taking a more passive onlooker approach while Motorola Mobility designs the hardware aspect of the device. Seeing as the X Phone has been billed as an iPhone killer, Galaxy S4 killer, etc., it’s unlikely Google wouldn’t still provide guidance to Motorola. Maybe a less hands-on approach, yes. But actually completely losing interest? Unlikely.

Brandon Russell

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