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Apple Should Make This iWatch Concept Into Reality

by Brandon Russell | May 6, 2013May 6, 2013 4:30 pm EST

At this juncture, even with tireless rumors and analyst Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we have no idea what Apple’s alleged iWatch will look like. Sure, it’ll be a watch—something you wear on your wrist—but how Apple-y the Cupertino company makes it look remains to be seen. The iPod nano watch combo might give us a good indication. Or maybe it’ll look like this great new concept by prolific designer Matin Hajek, who has continually impressed us with his Apple renderings.

Do you think Apple’s visionary designer Jony Ive will ignore more futuristic interpretations in favor of something more traditional? Watches today, even designs from years and years ago, are absolutely beautiful, and Hajek’s design honors the watch world while adding some Apple flair. The familiar aluminum is there, perfectly accenting Apple’s current iPhone 5, with nice chamfered edges and curved watchface.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said not to expect any big new hardware categories until fall of this year, so there’s no telling what an actual iWatch will look like (if one is actually being worked on). Seeing as the iWatch will always be glued to your wrist, for you and everyone to see, Apple will likely put a premium on design. Hajek’s version sure looks nice; it wouldn’t surprise us one bit of the iWatch resembled his concept.

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