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Zone of the Enders HD Patch Threatens “Enders Project” Sequel

by Ron Duwell | May 3, 2013May 3, 2013 6:30 pm PST

Zone of the Enders HD

Konami has not had a run of good luck with these HD ports. After the poor reception of the Silent Hill HD Collection and the subsequent patching of only the PlayStation 3 version, they seemed to have squandered all of the good will the excellent Metal Gear Solid HD Collection brought them.

Now, they have the Zone of the Enders HD Collection stirring up trouble for them as well. Although they are amazing games in their own right, the HD Collection’s frame rate has sparked anger from the fanbase, and Konami has offered to reprogram an entire HD collection from the ground up. The patch will bring the game from 30 FPS to 60 FPS as advertised.

Kojima is proudly working on the patch as he thinks the series needs to be as smooth as possible. However, the creation of this has come at a severe cost.

Announced last year was the Enders Project, or Kojima’s attempt to follow-up on his Zone of the Enders game. The series hasn’t seen an original entry since 2003, and fans have been more than eager to jump back into the cockpit of Jehuty. However, Kojima announced on his HideoBlog podcast that work on the HD Collection patch has all but halted development on this anticipated sequel, and its team has been dismantled.

Kojima would like to continue the series, but he wants to see if the demand is there before making another attempt.

How about it? Would you rather see a sequel or a patch which makes the HD Collection run more smoothly? Would you like to see a Zone of the Enders 3 at all? I know I would, and this news is heartbreaking to me.

Or better yet, should development companies get a release right the first time? That used to be standard on consoles, but the safety net of patches seems to have killed that notion.

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