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Twitter Adds Local Discovery to iOS and Android Apps

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Twitter on Wednesday updated its iOS and Android applications with an all new ability to see what’s happening in your area. The option to have control over location-based trends follows a rumor that pretty much detailed exactly what Twitter introduced today. In addition to seeing what’s happening in your neck of the woods, Twitter also updated the experience to include improved Vine playback, the ability to invite buddies to Twitter from within the app, and a smoother experience overall.

See what’s happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations.

• Invite friends to join Twitter from within the app
• Improved playback of Vine videos
• Replies to retweeted Tweets now include both the author and person who retweeted the Tweet
• Enjoy a smoother experience due to bug fixes and other improvements.

You can get the free update through iTunes and Google Play.

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