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Apple Working Overtime on iOS 7, Isn’t Facing a Delay

by Brandon Russell | May 1, 2013May 1, 2013 2:20 pm PDT


We’re expecting to see big changes when iOS 7 is unveiled at WWDC in June—more Ive minimalism, less Forstall skeuomorphism. But, according to Bloomberg, iOS is reportedly going through such a big transformation the platform could be facing a significant delay, though it’s unclear by how long. However, a separate report on Wednesday from AllThingsD suggests the OS isn’t being delayed at all. One source said “it will ship on time.”

Many of the points made by Bloomberg are corroborated by AllThingsD—part of the OS X 10.9 team is moving over to iOS 7, for example—save for the claim about the software’s delay. “Not as much of a fire drill, though,” one source said about the current situation Apple is in in regards to developing two separate softwares simultaneously. Many of the changes we expect to see surround a “flatter” aesthetic, or “de-glitzed” as AllThingsD put it. One source called the change a “de-Forstallization” of iOS, referring to the previous man in charge before Ive took over.

While iOS 7 will reportedly introduce plenty of change, Apple is still focused on the same simplicity the company is known for. The challenge will be to keep the platform familiar, but introduce enough change to appease long-time iOS users. When Apple does detail the redesigned OS, the longtime look of leather-bound Contacts and green felt Game Center will most definitely be gone.

“Well, goodbye, Circus Circus,” one source said.


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