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Mac OS X 10.9 “Cabernet” Expected to Add Additional iOS Features

WWDC - 2012 - iMac - 005

Apple will no doubt discuss the next iteration of its OS X computing platform during WWDC 2013. The developer conference kicks off on June 10 where we’re already hearing that a new MacBook Air and a new MacBook Pro may make their debut. Now 9to5Mac says that Apple will also scoop out some details on OS X 10.9 “Cabernet.” We expect that to happen, too, as our own analytics show that readers are accessing the site running 10.9 already.

The news outlet says it has learned that OS X will add new features that mimic those on iOS, just as Mountain Lion added several features such as message sync, Game Center and more. New features include a revamped multi-tasking system that “pauses” applications as it does in iOS, Siri support and real support for multiple applications running in full-screen on different monitors.

OS X 10.9 will launch this summer, 9to5Mac said, though it’s still unclear what the final official name is. We’ll keep you up with all of the WWDC news on June 10.


Todd Haselton

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