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The Glass Has Cracked: Jailbreaker and Cydia Creator “Saurik” Hacks Google’s Wearable Tech

by Adriana Lee | April 27, 2013April 27, 2013 9:00 am PDT


After only a few days since the developer edition of Google Glass landed, the wearable tech has already been hacked. And the one responsible for cracking that Glass? None other than “Saurik,” aka Jay Freeman, the Android and iOS developer perhaps best known for creating the famed iOS jailbreakers’ resource Cydia.

Jay-freeman-saurikFreeman told Forbes that Glass runs on Android 4.0.4, so he used some known exploits for the OS version and succeeded in jailbreaking/rooting the device. Such tactics give the user full command of the operating system without restriction — although there’s no telling yet how restricted the consumer version will be anyway. (Obviously, since it’s unreleased, that has yet to be seen.) Still, as a preemptive strike, it’s pretty noteworthy.

Saurik tweeted about his success Friday afternoon. Tongue in cheek, he couldn’t resist including Google’s #ifihadglass hashtag.

Again, it’s not too clear what hacking Glass will accomplish for end users yet, and Freeman, who got his unit through the Glass developer program, knows that as well. But if he had to guess, he figures it could give owners the ability to store data directly on the device or on a Bluetooth-connected handset, as opposed to Google’s cloud. While not a super-sexy use-case, it could be handy for people nervous about privacy matters.

Forbes offers a far more intriguing possibility: If users had total control over their devices, they would probably be able to block any attempt by Google to shut it down remotely for ToS violations.


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