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Apple MacBook Pro and iMac Won’t Receive Massive Design Overhauls

by Todd Haselton | April 25, 2013April 25, 2013 8:45 am PDT


Apple will no doubt refresh its MacBook Pro and iMac computers sometime this year, but sources in the supply chain expect that Apple won’t be making any major industrial design changes. The company will instead reportedly focus on hardware upgrades, such as faster processors, additional storage and other under-the-hood features.

The news comes from¬†DigiTimes,¬†which admittedly has a shaky track record, but does make sense. The press outlet said that its sources “noted that they have not receives (sic) any instructions from Apple for major modifications over industrial designs or equipment for its MacBook Pro and iMac, indicating that Apple’s product upgrades for 2013 will mainly focus on specifications.”

We suppose there’s still room to switch out ports for faster options or for other minor tweaks, but if parts suppliers aren’t being asked to retweak machines for new designs, then it’s probably likely that we won’t see any huge changes.


Todd Haselton

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