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Don’t Expect An iPhone With a Larger Display Anytime Soon

by Brandon Russell | April 23, 2013April 23, 2013 3:45 pm PDT


Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday said increasing the iPhone’s display to 5-inches would include too many negative “tradeoffs” over the current 4-inch form factor, including worse resolution, color, white balance and compatibility with apps. The question was brought up during Apple’s earnings call this afternoon, in which the Cupertino company beat Street estimates.

Cook touted the iPhone 5’s display, saying it’s the best in the industry, while ripping on the competition’s infatuation with larger screens by saying too many tradeoffs have been made. It seems while these tradeoffs exist, Apple has no plans to ship a larger display iPhone, ruling out the potential for a 4.3-inch device and up—at least for now. Cook didn’t shut down the possibility completely, but an iPhone with a bigger screen this year seems unlikely.

Until Apple can find a solution to the many tradeoffs of offering an iPhone with a bigger display, it seems the only option is to look at the growing lineup of Full HD Android devices.

Brandon Russell

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