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Netflix’s Third Original Series, Hemlock Grove, is Available to Stream Now

by Brandon Russell | April 20, 2013April 20, 2013 10:00 am PST


Following Netflix’s politically-charged House of Cards, the company’s third original series, Hemlock Grove, is now available to stream. It’s another big step for Netflix, which is hoping to turn the traditional cable model on its head—all episodes of the new horror series have been turned loose all at once. Netflix said House of Cards became its most-watched show following its release earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the new show so far hasn’t garnered particularly favorable reviews, as highlighted by The Verge. While House of Cards was a critical success, reviewers have slammed Hemlock Grove for its poor acting, slow plot and off-key style. That may or may not be surprising—Eli Roth, well-known for his work on Hostel and Cabin Fever, executive produced some episodes, and even directed the pilot.

Be that as it may, Hemlock Grove’s storyline sounds intriguing, so you might want to come to a conclusion on the series yourself. According to Netflix’s own description, the show is about murder and dark supernatural secrets. You can catch the whole series now if you’re a Netflix subscriber.

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