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Bethesda Teases Game With Haunting Images of Fire and Sunflowers

by Ron Duwell | April 18, 2013April 18, 2013 6:00 am PST

If this is the “noise” that Bethesda’s vice president Peter Hines promised us all, then they certainly have my attention. For two days is a row, it has released a horrific teaser trailer of its upcoming game and is tight lipped as to what it is.

The first image is of rotating barbed-wire followed by classic music records spinning on a turn table. The second, and slightly more revealing of the two, is that of burning sunflowers while a man in a torn flannel shirt silently stares at the scene before him. If he is bloody or not, I can’t tell, but his emotionless presence alone is enough to give me nightmares for the night.

Even more eerie is the repeating background noise accompanying the images as they loop infinitely, revealing more and more hints with each completion.

Both classic music and the destruction of nature are heavy themes in the Fallout series, but Peter Hines has stated on Twitter that these images are not related to Fallout.

The only other possible solution can think of which might fit the bill is the upcoming horror collaboration with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. He has stated before that he is working with Bethesda on his final project as director, and that it is codenamed Zwei. Little is known about the game, but given that he is master of horror, and these images are indeed scary enough, it could be possible he is involved.

Outside of that, Wolfenstein could be another guess. One of the spinning records is titled Air on the G String, an early recording of German composer Johannes Sebastian Bach’s work. Tied together with the barbed wire, which was frequently used by Germans in both World Wars, and that connects directly to Wolfenstein.

Bethesda is claiming to have a big year in the works, and I am already excited with this good old fashioned slow reveal. Please don’t leave us waiting too long. Stay tuned tomorrow and see if Bethesda has yet another mysterious image ready for us.


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