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Samsung Allegedly Hired Students to Post Negative Comments About HTC

by Brandon Russell | April 16, 2013April 16, 2013 6:30 pm PDT


Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission is allegedly investigating Samsung over allegations the company hired people to post negative comments about HTC. If found guilty, the company is liable for fines up to 25 million Taiwanese dollars ($835,000). The Korean company has responded by saying the “unfortunate incident” goes against its “fundamental principles.”

Documents published online reportedly prove Samsung had been recruiting students to post praise for Samsung while criticizing HTC—all anonymously, of course. After receiving a number of complaints, the FTC felt enough evidence had surfaced to go forward with an investigation. Samsung has responded to the reports by ceasing all marketing activities that involved anonymous comments.

Samsung was previously fined by the Taiwanese FTC earlier this year because it misled consumers about the camera in its Galaxy Y Duos. If the company is found guilty, it’s a pretty gutless act on Samsung’s part. And, if anything, it shows the Korean company feels very threatened by HTC very excellent One handset.

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