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How to Check Up On a Loved One in Boston After the Bombing

by Adriana Lee | April 15, 2013April 15, 2013 4:30 pm PDT


This afternoon, the Boston Marathon fell victim to an alleged terrorist incident, with two bombs detonating near the finish line. The explosions, which blew people off their feet and rocked nearby buildings, injured dozens and killed two people. [Update: Three people have been confirmed dead.] According to CNN, hospitals are treating at least 90 people following the blasts.

For family and friends of people in the area, worry over loved ones’ safety is sky-rocketing. So if you or someone you know is anxiously trying to get hold of anyone in the Boston area, here are a few resources that may help:

  • The Boston Marathon’s live athlete-tracking: This will let you know if the person you’re looking for has crossed the finish line. 
  • The Red Cross’ Safe and Well Listings: The site allows people to check in and add themselves to a safe list. So if your relative or friend registered here, you can breath easy. 
  • Google’s Person Finder: Google immediately launched a Person Finder tool to help connect people affected by the Boston bombing, so that anyone who has info about a Boston Marathon victim can add to the database.
  • Mayor’s hotline at (617) 635-4500: The mayor’s office established this line for the Boston Marathon tragedy as a way to help locate people. Also, if you’re in Boston and have info or a tip regarding anything to do with the explosions, you’re urged to call a separate number: 800-494-TIPS. 
  • Text messages: Shock could have people dialing phone numbers over and over again. If that has happened to you, let this be a reminder to try texting. In fact, with phone calls flooding the cellular networks, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency is urging people to text. 

To keep folks in the loop, The Boston Globe formed a collection of ongoing news reports and public commentary surrounding the incident. The Boston Police Department is also reaching out to anyone who was actually at the marathon during this time and happened to be shooting video at the finish line. So if you were there with your phone, tablet or camera and captured footage, please connect with the BPD via Twitter at this link

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