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Snag Four of Twisted Pixel’s XBLA Games for 800 Points

by Joey Davidson | April 12, 2013April 12, 2013 6:00 am PDT

The Maw

Appearing this morning on the Xbox LIVE Arcade marketplace is a pretty sweet deal for gamers who have missed out on the downloadable glory that has been Twisted Pixel. Microsoft and the small studio have elected to bundle four games into one $10 package.

The Twisted Pixel titles picked for this 800 Point bundle? ‘Splosion Man, Ms ‘Splosion ManThe Maw and Comic Jumper. Really, the only major hit missing from the pile is The Gunstringer.

Each game is fantastic, too. Twisted Pixel has a way of creating well designed games filled with very different mechanics and a solid sense of humor. These four titles are absolutely worth their current 800 Point price of entry.

Which of the bundle is your favorite? I’ve still yet to play The Maw, so there’s that. Joystiq

Joey Davidson

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