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This HTC One Ad on FunnyOrDie is Very Terrible

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2013April 12, 2013 8:30 pm PST


Before HTC embarks on its bold new U.S. marketing campaign, the company has commissioned a new ad on FunnyOrDie with the help of Dawson Creek’s James Van Der Beek. And, let’s face it, the nearly 4 minute video is absolutely terrible, almost unwatchable. But that’s the point—I hope.

Set up in a ridiculous Bachelor setup, the ad plays up on the One’s name, and even takes a brief jab at Samsung’s love affair with plastic. Big points for that one. But minus thousands of points for saying, “I have to get a Zoe of this.” Please, no, stop, that’s not a thing. I really hope HTC doesn’t attempt to go in this direction once ads actually run on prime time television.

The theme here is to try and stress that the One is “Everything Your Phone Isn’t.” It’s not plastic, or from the 80s or something stockbrokers used in the late 90s. I guess, maybe, the One is for the ladies? Let’s hope this was just a one-off for HTC, and that the “so bad it’s good” approach doesn’t continue over the next few months.

The One is gearing up to launch here in the states on April 19, and one enormous factor to its potential success is a solid marketing campaign. We liked what we heard from the company earlier this month. But if this is the result of HTC’s new focus, well, it was nice knowing you, One.

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