Flashback Friday: Palm Treo 600

by Sean P. Aune | April 12, 2013

Flashback FridayIt was an awkward size with a huge antenna nub, but you have to tip your hat to the Palm Treo 600 for what it did for the smartphone market.

As Jon Rettinger has recently been counting down his 10 favorite phones of all time, there were sure to be a few surprises in the mix for viewers. That being said, around 2003/2004, this was the phone to have if you were in business. The BlackBerries were just really starting to take off, but the Palm brand was known and loved for its line of PDAs. Merging a Palm Pilot with a phone was like a dream come true for users, and the Treo 600 was the one that everyone was picking up.

Somewhat amazing what ended up happening to the company as now it merely exists as a folder full of trademarks and patents in an office at HP.

Sean P. Aune

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