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Nexus 10 Flip Cover Finally Appears in Google Play

by Ron Duwell | April 11, 2013April 11, 2013 8:30 am PDT

Nexus 10 Scarlet Cover

It’s been five months since the launch of the Nexus 10, and Google has finally made an official accessory for it available through Google Play. The first flip-case comes with “rounded corners” to give it an “ultra-slim fit”. It will be available in two colors: grey and scarlet and will sell for $30 each.

The cover is designed to specifically fit the shape of the Nexus 10, and it attaches directly into the tablet itself via a small strip located on the back. A small plastic plate, seemingly with no other use, covers the strip.

Google says that the covers will ship in 3-5 business days.

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