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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon’s Reveal Trailer is Simply Incredible

by Joey Davidson | April 11, 2013April 11, 2013 6:00 am EST

Just a bit of warning before you fullscreen the clip and turn your speakers all the way up: there’s a bit of profanity in the trailer above. Perhaps watching it with headphones on or in a place that won’t care is the best move.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a shooter that’s clearly in love with the best (and worst) 80s cartoons. The brand new reveal trailer for the title shows off tons of animated glory as well as a few moments of awesome gameplay. This looks like the islands from the original Far Cry 3, except Ubisoft made everything an awesome shade of neon purple.

From top to bottom, this might be one of the best gaming trailers I’ve ever seen. It’s over-the-top, it offers up a completely unique style in today’s world of shooters, it’s funny and it boasts an outstanding soundtrack.

As the clip reveals, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is set to launch as an independent digital download on May 1st for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. You will not need Far Cry 3 to play this.

Joey Davidson

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