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Leaked Images Show Off Google Babel Interface

by Brandon Russell | April 8, 2013April 8, 2013 4:30 pm EST

Rumors surrounding Google’s alleged chat service, dubbed Babble, have been growing louder since the service was first outed last month, and today alleged screenshots have leaked that show off what we can expect from the interface: emoticons, Google+ integration and more.

The screenshots, acquired by Techradar, reveal what the service would look like from the Web; essentially, it’ll resemble how Google Chat for Gmail works, with some newer features and updated functionality. For starters, Google+ credentials are required to login—you can see the Hangout icon in the top left along with other familiar G+ indicators.

Earlier rumors suggested the service would work across Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail, and introduce advanced group conversation and a new UI. Well, these screenshots seem to back those reports up, but of course nothing is set in stone until Google unveils its plans for the platform. For now, check out the screenshots grabbed by Techradar, which show off some of what we might expect once Babel becomes official.


Brandon Russell

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