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Hewlett Packard Board Shake-Up: Co-Chairman Ray Lane Steps Down

by Roy Choi | April 5, 2013April 5, 2013 3:00 pm PDT


HP Co-Chairman Ray Lane Stepped down Thursday just a couple weeks after he was nearly voted off the board of the storied PC-maker. The shuffle is due to last year’s disastrous Autonomy acquisition. In his place, Ralph Whitworth, another board member, will temporarily fill the role until a suitable replacement is named.

At HP’s annual meeting in March, Lane received just 59 percent of votes in favor of his reelection. ┬áMost analysts expect Whitworth to be a more fiscally responsible and shareholder friendly than Lane.

Under CEO Meg Whitman’s lead, HP has been under a 5-year plan to alter its current business strategy. While still remaining first in PC sales, the company’s focus has been to shift to software and service-oriented operation as demand for PCs and printers continue to decline.

From a consumer standpoint, we won’t see much initial impact. Looks like for now we will still see tablets from HP, just not in WebOS form.

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