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Best Buy Selling iPad 3 for $314.99

by Brandon Russell | April 3, 2013April 3, 2013 4:30 pm PST

Apple iPad 4 Box 2

It only took Apple eight months to introduce a successor to the iPad 3. In Apple time, that’s an incredibly quick turnaround. For all the hoopla made over the iPad 3’s impressive display, many people were miffed about how their cherished tablet was suddenly obsolete. But, in retrospect, Apple’s third iPad was still a fantastic device, even though it was swept under the rug so quickly.

If you don’t mind “older” tech, something that has been around the block but can still hold its own, perhaps you’ll want to take notice of Best Buy’s deal on the iPad 3. Right now, the retailer’s clearance site is holding bottom-dollar prices: 16GB Wi-Fi only model is $314.99—yes, that’s cheaper than an iPad mini. Discounts apply to each model, on up to the 64GB LTE on AT&T, which is selling for $545.99.

Not everyone is up on the cutting edge, and this is one of the deals that will surely appeal to the undecided crowd, especially if they just want something to stream video and play games. $314.99 sure isn’t bad to hop into the iPad world, especially when the devices normally start out at $499 for the larger model.


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