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Check Out the First Official Trailer for Thief

by Joey Davidson | April 2, 2013April 2, 2013 10:00 am PST

We’re in an age of reboots and relaunches, friends. The most successful of which to come in recent months is definitely Tomb Raider, but it looks like Square Enix and Eidos are looking to add another solid reboot to their lineup.

Thief is getting all dolled up for a brand new entry. The clip you see at the head of this post is the first official trailer to launch for the upcoming game.

Despite what the developers have to say on the issue, the new Thief has a very Dishonored-esque feel to it. This new game will take place in a steam punk styled Victorian city that’s ruled by an absurdly rich upper-class. It’s also been taken over by a plague. See what I mean? Very Dishonored.

Thief has already been announced for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms in 2014. While it hasn’t been officially named for whatever Microsoft is rolling out next, we assume it will be on the new entry in the Xbox line of consoles as well.

Stay tuned for more on Thief.

Joey Davidson

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