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Google April Fools’ Jokes 2013: A Complete Rundown (Updated)

by Sean P. Aune | April 1, 2013April 1, 2013 7:30 am PST

Either its April Fools’ Day, or Google really had a ton of new products and services to announce today.

Google is known for taking April 1 fairly, well, seriously, with some of the most elaborate April Fools’ jokes on the Web. Here’s a run down of what the company had in store for its users this year.

Google+ Photo Emoticons

Google Photos with Emoticons

Just in case you can’t tell from the expressions on people’s faces in a photo, now you can add emoticons on them as well. Thank goodness because human expressions can be so difficult to interpret. This seems like the perfect tool for Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

Google Analytics

Some users are reporting finding “41” (April 1) visitors from the International Space Station in their Analytics accounts. Seeing as every report is for exactly 41, it’s pretty safe to assume this is part of today’s shenanigans.

Gmail Blue

At long last, Gmail… with a lot more blue. Thank goodness the company found brown to be a disaster.

Google Fiber to the Pole

Those people are so spoiled in Kansas City. Now they can hang around utility poles and still get faster Internet than just about anyone else.

Google Maps – Treasure

Aargh… lets be finding the treasure, matey!

Google Nose Beta

You will never need to leave your home again when the smells will come to you. is truly a quantum leap in Internet technology.



Tired of people looking at your house on Street View? Google SCHMICK (Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit) will let you redecorate your house so you can disguise it.

Levity Algorithm

Finally, bringing humor to the humorless. I want all of my emails to be worked on by the folks at Second City.

YouTube is Shutting Down

At least we’ll finally learn who the winner is!

Take a look back at the past as well with a list of Google April Fools Jokes of 2012.

UPDATE: Google keeps them coming. How about Google Wallet ATM where your phone can spit out money to you?

Google Wallet ATM

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