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Apple Looking for Engineer to Add New Features to iMessage and FaceTime

by Brandon Russell | March 26, 2013March 26, 2013 11:30 am PST


Apple is looking for someone to help bolster FaceTime and iMessage with new features. According to a job listing on the company’s website, the iPhone maker is seeking an engineer capable of implementing new features to Apple’s popular messaging services, though, as expected, the listing is unclear on what these new features might be. Maybe some screen sharing action? Group video?

With iOS 7 expected to see an unveiling at WWDC this June, the pressure is on Apple to introduce some big new features to its platform. We know that Jony Ive is currently trying to work his magic on Apple’s OS, but we’re still not sure what kind of changes we can expect. For how free-flowing the leaks seem to be for Apple’s mobile devices, iOS is typically a highly guarded secret.

FaceTime and iMessage are big parts of Apple’s simplistic iOS experience, but neither has seen much change since launching. It sounds like Apple might already have new features in mind regarding both experiences, but it needs help making the pieces fit together.


Brandon Russell

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