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More Buyers Show Interest in Hulu as Service Remains Off the Market

by Brandon Russell | March 26, 2013March 26, 2013 11:00 pm PDT

Image of Hulu's popular section.

Owners of Hulu once entertained the idea of selling the popular video streaming website, but nothing of significance ever materialized. The company was on the market briefly, and just as quickly was taken off; reports suggest Hulu’s owners are undecided, and have been for several months, about what to do—to sell or not to sell. If it’s the former, AllThingsD says there are parties already interested in finalizing a deal.

According to the report, companies that have shown interest include Yahoo and Amazon, and even Ross Levinsolhn, who previously tried to purchase the site in 2011 when he was working for Yahoo. As of now, no formal offers have been made, and Disney and News Corp., two of Hulu’s three owners, are still weighing up options to keep afloat through ad-supported and subscription models. Until the two companies figure out a more solid plan, Hulu isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, there are still rumblings of one partner buying out the other, which could possibly put Hulu on a clearer path. But adding even more difficulty to the issue, an outside buyer would need to secure content licenses from Disney and News Corp—yet companies are still very much interested in the video service.

Until then, companies will be interested, and Hulu’s owners will still seemingly remain undecided about which direction to go.


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