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Google+ Update For iOS and Android Adds Snapseed’s Image Editing Tools

by Brandon Russell | March 25, 2013March 25, 2013 11:30 am PST

Google+ update for iOS and Android adds new Snapseed image editing capabilities

Google+ for iOS and Android have both been updated with new image editing features that allow users to enhance photos with retro filters, among other things. Because an as-is portrait of yourself needs to be tweaked and filtered before you share it with your circles.

The new tricks actually cross over from the excellent program Snapseed, which Google acquired late last year. Beyond merely smearing photos with filters, the new update allows iOS and Android users to tweak things such as brightness, contrast and saturation to give photos a little more oomph.

In addition to basic image editing, Android and desktop users can also flip the switch for an always-on location option, so your friends know precisely where you are in the world at all times. Google has also included other housekeeping tweaks to each app, such as a new photo and video view. Both updates are rolling out today.

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