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Leaked Employee Manual Further Details T-Mobile UNcarrier Plans

by Brandon Russell | March 22, 2013March 22, 2013 7:30 pm PST

A newly leaked T-Mobile employee training manual confirms the carrier is ready to take on the title as the UNcarrier. As if we didn’t already know; this leak further affirms the company’s dedication to allowing users to bring their own device and pay what they like without worrying about a contract. On a big network like T-Mobile, which is ramping up LTE, this might be a huge boon for customer adoption.

What’s particularly attractive about the plans is that they allow multiple subscribers on a single plan to have their own amount of data. So if grandma hardly ever browses the Web, give her 500MB while you get the rest. It’s a stark contrast from shared data plans other carriers employ.

The UNcarrier-ness of the operation will be handled differently at T-Mobile locations and its retail partners. Stores such as Best Buy will offer Classic and Simple plans to take some sting out of the upfront cost of a phone—this will cause the monthly subsidy to be higher. T-Mobile stores, and only T-Mobile stores, will offer Value Plans, which means a lower monthly payment but higher upfront cost. Basically, if you want to go pay less now but can handle more later, you can do that, and visa versa.

T-Mobile has an event planned for March 26, where we expect the carrier will explain everything in detail. With store flyers and employee manuals explaining the plans, we’d expect them to roll out very shortly.


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