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ChargeCard Now Available To Put Sync/Charge Cable In Your Wallet

by Adriana Lee | March 21, 2013March 21, 2013 3:45 pm PST

Photo: Nicole Nguyen, PopSugar Tech

Say goodbye to tangled cords, wind-up spools and other thoroughly unsexy charge-cable solutions. After rocking Kickstarter hard last August, attracting triple its desired pledge amount, the wallet-friendly ChargeCard has finally made its way to the market, and is available now for shipping worldwide.

About the size of a credit card and only 2.5 mm thick, the ChargeCard comes in three versions that cover the iPhone (legacy 30-pin and Lightning) and Android devices (micro USB). It features a bendable arm that pops out to plug into a standard USB port. Just connect your mobile device at the other end, and you’re in business.

Photo: Nicole Nguyen, PopSugar Tech

chargecard3iPhone users may flock to this, since the $25 retail price isn’t that much more than the standard $19 cable from Apple. Android owners, on the hand, may balk, since replacement micro USB cables run much cheaper. Still, we think the asking price could be worth it, especially for anyone who often needs to charge or sync on the go, but hates carrying around knotty wires. 

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