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Final Fantasy X HD Coming Bundled With Final Fantasy X-2

by Ron Duwell | March 20, 2013March 20, 2013 6:30 pm PST


Final Fantasy X is one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, and it’s also the most deserving of an HD remake given the relative feasibility of the project. Remaking the PlayStation era games from the ground up to match modern technology is a task beyond the budget and skill of Square Enix in this day and age, and Final Fantasy XII just doesn’t have the fanbase of it’s older brother.

In terms of ease and estimated profits, Final Fantasy X is the no-brainer.

On the other hand, most fans tend to forget the baggage of Final Fantasy X, that being Final Fantasy X-2, the first direct sequel to a game in the series. Only now, forgetting its existence might be a lot harder since it will be coming bundled on the same disc as its precursor masterpiece.

According to a Jump Magazine report, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will both be included on the same blu-ray disc. Don’t think Square Enix has totally jumped aboard the generosity train yet though because the Vita versions will be sold separately.

While most would argue that fundamentally Final Fantasy X-2 is a fun game with a great battle system, it pokes fun at at the serious tone of Final Fantasy X with a silly Charlie’s Angels vibe and unnecessarily unravels the most emotional and beautiful ending in the series. Those looking for a happy ending would do good to continue the story into this game, but those who walked away satisfied might be best to let this one be.

I actually did like what I played of it back in the day, but I also never beat it because it lacked and drive or emotional appeal to drag me along. Maybe the HD treatment will inspire me enough to finally hit the grindstone.

At any rate, both games will be made available later in the year with the most complete versions of the game being released.

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