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Google Adds Search Filter To Help You Find the Perfect GIF

by Brandon Russell | March 19, 2013March 19, 2013 3:30 pm PST


Pictures are great—they capture priceless moments and invoke our deepest human emotions—but GIFs are the pinnacle of today’s Internet culture. And Google Images has added a new filter that makes finding the perfect GIF simpler than it’s ever been.

Through a number of new filters, which also includes faces, clip art and line drawings, Google has added an animated option that’ll make discovering the mesmerizing nature of GIFs painless. Tumblr uses just shouted in excitement. I just did a search and didn’t see the filter, but Google said it’ll roll out today.

We all love GIFs, and Google understands this. Pictures speak a thousand words, but GIFs speak the universal language of the Internet. I foresee many wasted hours from this new filter. Thanks, Google.

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Brandon Russell

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