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T-Mobile Sets March 26 Press Event in NYC – LTE Talk Expected

by Todd Haselton | March 18, 2013March 18, 2013 1:50 pm PST


T-Mobile announced on Monday that the Galaxy Note II is receiving an update that will add 4G LTE support. We also know the Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile will support the newer, faster network. Now the carrier officially announced a press event in NYC on March 26 where we expect to hear more on the topic.

T-Mobile’s invite says: “We’re still a wireless company. We’re just not going to act like one anymore.” We already know T-Mobile’s ready to talk some smack – it called AT&T’s NYC network “crap” during a press conference at the 2013 Consumer Electronics show. We’re expecting more of that sort of talk, as well as a discussion on when it will activate its 4G LTE network and when its pending acquisition of MetroPCS will close.


Todd Haselton

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