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Top TechnoBuffalo Posts of the Week: March 10 to March 16, 2013

by Roy Choi | March 17, 2013March 17, 2013 9:00 am PDT

In case you missed them, here are the top viewed posts from TechnoBuffalo last week.

Top TechnoBuffalo Posts of the Week: March 10 to March 16, 2013

HTC One vs. The Latest Smartphones – Camera Comparison (Update: Lumia 920 Added)

We don’t carry around point-and-shoot cameras anymore because we have smartphones in our pockets. But it’s not good enough for companies to merely attach cameras as afterthought technology; consumers today demand their devices take the highest quality images possible. And we’ve seen huge improvements on that front over the past several months. Somewhere along the […]

Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One – Quick Camera Comparison

How does the HTC One camera with 4 Ultra Pixels stack up against the Samsung Galaxy S 4’s shooter with 13 megapixels? While we didn’t have time at the event to shoot a ton of photos, we fired off two shots to see how the cameras of the two latest smartphones stack up against one […]

HTC One Camera Demo and Samples

HTC is wringing its hands of the megapixel race. While other manufacturers push toward 13-megapixels and more, HTC has instead introduced something it calls UltraPixels—a quirky marketing term meant to highlight the One’s camera sensor. So is it better than what’s already out there? It’s difficult to judge after just a few photos, but the […]

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Announced: Samsung Unleashes its Octa-Core Beast

In the Android landscape, Samsung is an unrivaled titan, sitting atop the highest possible perch of smartphone glory and supremacy. Over the past few years, the company has gone from tepid challenger to olympic gold medalist. The Samsung Galaxy S sparked a revolution back in March 2010, and four iterations later, the Korean company is […]

HTC One First Impressions

We received the HTC One on Saturday morning and it hasn’t left our sight yet. We’ve already delivered posts covering the device, including a comparison gallery, a camera demo, a Sense 5 demo and, of course, our unboxing. Plenty of additional clips are on the way – but we wanted to sit down and spell out […]

HTC One Unboxing: This is How A Smartphone Should Be Built

You’ve heard about how darn beautiful the HTC One is, about its thoughtful aluminum body and its abandonment of the megapixel myth. We’ve previously held it in person, on a controlled show floor. But now we have one in our office, and wow, this is exactly how a smartphone should be made. Over the past […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-On Video!

Samsung just wrapped up its massive press conference in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and, well, it was exciting to say the least. Of course, most of the leaks already gave us an idea of what we were going to see tonight, but we finally had a chance to hold the phone ourselves and bring […]

Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One Specs

The HTC One was only announced a few weeks ago, and now the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is here to try to take its crown as the top Android smartphone on the market. It’s up to each consumer to decide what they are looking for, but it definitely looks like there will be a slugfest […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

Wonder how the Galaxy S 4 compares to the iPhone 5? We’ve got you covered. We carried a bunch of devices to tonight’s Galaxy S 4 launch event to make sure you’d be able to see how most of today’s most popular handsets compare to the new Galaxy S 4. In this video you’ll see […]

Sony Xperia Z REVIEW – Can it Bark with the Big Dogs?

Sony unveiled the Xperia Z during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, where we were promptly impressed and awarded it one of our Best of CES awards. The phone sports everything that a high-end smartphone on today’s market should offer on paper, including a quad-core processor, Android Jelly Bean, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage […]

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