The Galaxy S 4’s Dual Camera Mode Uses Both Cameras Simultaneously

by Brandon Russell | March 14, 2013

To take advantage of the Galaxy S 4’s 13-megapixel camera, Samsung has introduced a number of new software features to further push the device’s capabilities. HTC may not want to partake in the megapixel war, but Samsung is still fully committed. Whether that will translate to better or worse pictures remains to be seen. Either way, there is no shortage of what users can do.

With Dual Camera, users can make simultaneous use of the front and rear cameras on the Galaxy S 4 and blend the two pictures together naturally. The function has a number of frame effects, and also the ability to adjust the size of the small picture inside the big one in 8 different ways.

In addition, the Galaxy S 4 is equipped with 12 shooting modes, including 360 Photo, Cinema Photo and Drama Shot, which is Samsung’s version of a time-lapse, and a Sound & Shot mode, which captures both sound and voice as the picture is taken. Samsung also announced a partnership with Blurb for a new Story Album feature that takes geo-tagging, timeline and event information to create a unique photo album, which can then be viewed offline.

Manufacturers, Nokia in particular, have been toiling away at creating unique camera experiences, and Samsung is doing just that with its Galaxy S 4. The Dual Camera mode infuses a neat spin on the age old art of photography, showing what a little vision and technology can do, even if it isn’t the newest idea.

Brandon Russell

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