Google Has a Talking Shoe Concept That Talks Trash to its User

by Brandon Russell | March 13, 2013

Google Glass may be the new, untapped frontier of wearable computing, but the company has a much more interesting (and insane?) concept sitting in its labs. At its SXSW interactive headquarters, Google showed off an interesting “talking shoe” idea that encourages people to be more active—by talking trash. “Are you a statue? Let’s do this already!” the shoe’s robotic coach says.

As part of its “Art, Copy, Code” project, the point of the talking shoe is to demonstrate new ways to breathe life into everyday objects, You wear shoes everywhere you go, so it was only fitting to try something new. This sure beats those Reebok Pump shoes from the early 90s. Google said the shoe isn’t actually going to ever come to market, but it exists, so there’s that.

The shoe itself has an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. As you can see in the video, it’s… strange. Hopefully it doesn’t comment on your stinky socks or something like that. Because that’s exactly what people need: a shoe that heckles you throughout the day.


Brandon Russell

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