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AT&T Offers Fastest Nationwide 4G LTE Network, Verizon’s Is Largest, Study Finds

by Todd Haselton | March 12, 2013March 12, 2013 7:30 am PST


What happens when you drive around America for 295,203 miles across 84 markets collecting 250,479,524 data samples? You get a pretty comprehensive analysis of the wireless data networks in the United States. Yes, those figures are real and they were recently published a report from RootMetrics that provides a snapshot of today’s wireless landscape in the United States.

RootMetrics found that AT&T has the fastest 4G LTE data network overall, with average download speeds clocking in at 18.6Mbps and average upload speeds coming in at 9Mbps. “AT&T easily offered the fastest pure LTE download speed of any carrier, outpacing Verizon’s mark of 14.3 Mbps for LTE-only download,” RootMetrics said in its report. Verizon’s average upload speed was 8.5Mbps.

RootMetrics also said that Verizon offers the most “comprehensive LTE network” and that it had a 93.2 percent chance of accessing the carrier’s LTE services while performing its tests, since Verizon offered 4G LTE market coverage in 77 of the total markets tested by the firm. We should note, however, that AT&T had 47 active markets in RootMetric’s tests and has since activated an additional 26 in the coverage area tested by the analytics company.

RootMetrics said T-Mobile’s “HSPA+42 network offered the fastest download speeds, by far, of any non-LTE service.” Sprint’s 4G LTE network wasn’t as fast as AT&T or Verizon’s on average, but the speeds “are faster than wwhat Sprint publicly claimed they would be.” RootMetrics expects Sprint’s 4G LTE network to rapidly expand this year.


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