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Sprint Releases Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

by Sean P. Aune | March 11, 2013March 11, 2013 10:00 am PDT

Galaxy Tab 10.1 2

Sprint announced this morning that it is pushing out the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

An over the air (OTA) update is going out to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. At last you will be able to enjoy all of the new bells and whistles of the best version of Android to date. (Not counting Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which would just be rubbing it in that this is only updating to 4.1.1.)

The update is going out in waves over the coming weeks, so don’t be surprised if it takes a little while for this to appear on your device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from Sprint Gets Jelly Bean Update

Today, Sprint began rolling out the Android™ 4.1.1, Jelly Bean, update to its Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 10.1 customers.

The update is available over the air (wirelessly). The update notification will be pushed automatically to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 users during the next few weeks. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the update. Installation will take a few minutes, and your device will be disabled during the installation process. It will be ready to use when the process is complete.

Jelly Bean offers users stunning graphical capabilities with expanded feature functionality, including:

  • Google Now™ gets you just the right information at just the right time, like how much traffic to expect before you leave for work or when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform. Google Now can be accessed by launching the Google™ app from the app tray.
  • Smooth transitions enable effortless movement between home screens and apps, like turning pages of a book.
  • Expandable, actionable notifications allow you to take action directly from the notifications panel.
  • Widgets work like magic as you place widgets on the screen, everything else automatically moves to make room; when they’re too big, widgets resize on their own.

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