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Analyst Says PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox Games to Cost $70

by Joey Davidson | March 11, 2013March 11, 2013 9:30 am PDT


Industry analyst Michael Pachter held a presentation at the recent SXSW gaming conference. Geoff Keighley, games reporter for GameTrailers, was live-tweeting the lecture. Keighley reports that Pachter put out a prediction regarding the price of games for the next generation.

Here’s Keighley’s tweet:

At #SXSW panel @michaelpachter says PS4 and next Xbox games will likely cost 70 dollars, 10 dollars more than current gen.

I know, I know, “ugh, this Michael Pachter dude again…” I totally get that gaming analysts are not official industry sources; however, they do provide seriously interesting perspectives when it comes to the business side of gaming.

This is pure conjecture on Pachter’s part. I’m not convinced that it’s a legitimate stance, either. $59.99 seems to be the sweet spot for selling games. It’s worked well for this generation, and I don’t see either Sony or Microsoft making the first move to raise prices. If $59.99 wasn’t working, it would have changed over the course of this paste 7+ year console cycle. It didn’t.

It’s worth mentioning that if this prediction holds true, Nintendo will once again offer the cheapest option for gaming software. The Wii’s catalogue generally sold for $49.99, and the Wii U’s is typically listing at $59.99.

Do you think we’ll see a price hike on next-gen software?

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