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Apple Allegedly Planning to Launch Wireless Charging Devices This Year

by Todd Haselton | March 8, 2013March 8, 2013 7:00 am PST


We don’t think we’ll see an iPhone with built-in wireless charging for a few years, at least not until the standards wars between the Alliance 4 Wireless Power and the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) are over. Still, DigiTimes says it has learned that both Apple and Samsung are planning to launch devices with built-in wireless charging this year.

First, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung adds Qi to the Galaxy S IV since that follows up with other rumors, even though Samsung backs the Alliance 4 Wireless Power. Qi is the same technology used in the Nexus 4, the Lumia 920 and other phones with wireless charging capabilities built-in.

However, DigiTimes also said Apple might be working on its own wireless charging technology. That doesn’t seem to make sense, especially if there’s already a standards war going on, but it’s possible. Apple already does make a ton of cash off of selling proprietary cables, so maybe it will develop its own proprietary wireless charging tech and try to own that industry, too.

We think it’s more likely that Apple will sit on the wireless power sidelines for a few more years, as it has with NFC. We wouldn’t count on seeing any wireless charging products from the company this year.


Todd Haselton

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