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Beyond: Two Souls Dated for October 8th, Willem Dafoe Set to Star

by Ron Duwell | March 5, 2013March 5, 2013 7:00 pm PST

Ellen Paige is not the only Hollywood talent Quantic Dream has tapped to headline their upcoming cinematic adventure game, Beyond: Two Souls. Because, after all, every Hollywood thrill ride with an attractive woman needs a creepy dude to counterbalance the fear level.

And who better to offset the adorable Ellen Paige with than the creepiest actor in the business, Willem Dafoe?

From the new trailer provided to CVG, Dafoe plays the role of a scientist assigned to research young Jodie Holmes, Paige’s character, and teach her how to control her awesome and deadly powers. Upon her escape from the cell, Dafoe’s character will lead the charge to retrieve her, drowning his feelings as surrogate father and using her abilities for his own ambitions.

Willem Dafoe looks decent in his motion capture mode, but it is perhaps because I’ve seen his face in so many great films, it also stands out as the most fake to me.

Be sure to check out CVG‘s interview with the game’s director David Cage as he talks about he pressures of working with Hollywood talent.

Quantic Dream still has plenty of time to iron out their game and get it ready for shipping. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive will be available on October 8th, making it one of the most interesting, if not risky, games of the holiday season.

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