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PS Vita Sales Surge in Japan Following Price Cut

by Joey Davidson | March 4, 2013March 4, 2013 10:00 pm PST


Last week, Sony elected to cut the price of its PS Vita models in Japan. They dropped both the 3G and Wi-Fi SKUs to the same exact price point: ¥19,980 (that’s right around $215 USD).

Those cuts have proven successful as PS Vita sales rates have strengthened considerably. Of course, this news shouldn’t be surprising; but, it’s still good to hear for potential consumers.

SCE Japan President Hiroshi Kawano announced during a game event that PS Vita sales have roughly quadrupled since the price cut. This news comes to us by way of VG247 as they have it from Gematsu.

Those sharp sales could lead to a nice growth for the PS Vita in Japan. If they release some killer Japanese software, Sony’s handheld might even achieve solid success. From there, gamers in other territories might see Sony slash the price of the PS Vita to repeat the process.

No price cut has been announced for PS Vitas selling outside of Japan. We’ll have that news if and when it comes.

Gematsu VG247

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