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Sony Reveals PlayStation 4’s Slick and Streamlined Interface

by Ron Duwell | February 28, 2013February 28, 2013 7:30 am PDT

PS4 Interface (2)

Sony might not be ready to show off its new console in the figurative flesh yet, but they’ve got no problem revealing the design of the PlayStation 4’s new and improved interface.

Taking a note from other designs, Sony will be replacing the unpopular and cumbersome XMB set-up with flashy new windows, each one dedicated to providing news, easy access to friends and games, and even showing off your trophies right on the front of your profile.

It might seem a little petty, but not being able to access the trophies without synching and going to a separate menu was one reason why I never bothered to collect them. With them shining right in front of my eyes every time I turn the machine on, I might actually feel motivated to snag my first Platinum Trophy.

Also easily accessed are Sony’s new social features available through the DualShock 4’s Share button. Video game screenshots from your friend’s game will be no more than a page turn away.

Overall, it’s a massive improvement over what Sony has going on now. I’d like to get a chance to go hands on and see how easy it is to access new games and content through the PlayStation Store before I declare it better than the set-up Microsoft has now. Still, it’s great to see that Sony is taking their console’s social aspects in the right direction.


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